St. Mary’s Court

St. Mary’s Court Senior Housing Development is another opportunity for church members to volunteer and make a difference in the community. St. Mary’s Church is the designated religious Sponsor for the HUD housing development. The Church holds four (4) seats on the Board of Directors.

The Board consists of fifteen (15) members, including the Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Washington or his/her designee; the clergy of St. Mary’s Parish and three (3) members appointed by the Vestry of St. Mary’s Parish; and ten (10) members elected in accordance with Article III, Paragraph 4 of the Bylaws.

Board members may serve two 3-year terms, the clergy position has indefinite terms. The 2023-2024 Board service year begins September 26, 2023 and ends June 25, 2024. Meetings are held virtually or in-person at St. Mary’s Court conference room.